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  "Ordinary world" is a good book, because he's characters and the plot is very real. Straight lets a person as if place oneself in that era, experiencing the ups and downs of The Times. Let a person very inspired after see, delicious. In simple language and true feelings to witness the faith and of the ordinary life of ordinary life. Blundering s, ignoranting society like a cup of clear water scaling back despite the clarification, but not calm. Lu yao's characters are so personality is distinct, little, little flat in the books, and others are a symbol of that era will be affected by the limitations of The Times, but also is therefore is real close, lifelike.

  First of all, I am very fond of lu yao's starting point: ordinary world. His world is ordinary, this is just on the loess plateau's thousands of villages in a. , small author characterizes each ordinary ordinary people life journey, foil the era of rapid change, reflect people's thought, give a person with close, give a person with enlightenment. But lu yao is his character in the ordinary extraordinary. Such as sun shaoping, I think that the character of sun shaoping is the backbone of the text as a whole, through his growth and mature experience, show in front of everyone is a generation that time a vision of life and helpless. He received a high school education, through self-study degree can be thought to explore with college students. Overcome difficulties, to get rid of the bondage, let people yearning for a better life, how to experience life in the middle of the family love, friendship, love, learn to life, know how to cherish, for our generation, is also a warning. In lu yao's world are ordinary people, it is in these ordinary people he describes the human nature of good and beauty, ugliness and evil. In his world, one of the biggest advantages is to realize oneself is ordinary. This is the most prominent from sun shaoping. He realized the ordinary, also chose the ordinary.

  Ordinary life, from the ordinary to thrive, you can see, is suffering the confidence, can't take away the hope, love never fails, bitterness, in the ordinary and the pride of this life.





  Lu Yao around the master Gongsun less and Sun Shaoping two brothers in the ordinary world, constantly breaking the obstacles, finally get success in life, wrote a vibrant, passionate song of life, with a curtain of the copy from rolia suffering reveals the life of self-reliance and self-confidence, struggle and hard work, and the pursuit of setbacks, pain and pleasure.

  Shao Ping and two brothers with little yellow land for son, in the "ordinary world", they explore life in different ways. In the case of Sun Shaoan, to break through the bondage of poverty, realize their own value in the process, he suffered to blow. As in the first expansion brick, brick by fraud division's sake, his brick all burned badly; in order to expand the membership private plots, he was regarded as a "reverse the capitalist road" typical to criticism; once because of the reform of the contract responsibility system and the county was severely criticized; management dilapidated, unable to pay loans and is the village labor chases.

  This world is not perfect, difficulties, setbacks is visiting our regulars, sometimes even if we haven't prepare for their preparation. Compared with the master Gongsun Shaoan, Sun Shaoping, obviously I was lucky, there are no hard living conditions, no major setbacks harsh, I think I have no reason to complain about what the world. Always to look life in the face, I want to do is only to meet: optimistic, strong face, live out their own wonderful.





  The man who is working is the happiest one in the world, no matter in which period. That’s a truth the book ordinary world wants to tell us. It’s loudly gives out the slogan, as a human, despair the position, as long as you have a burning heart, you will beloved by the life. Everybody in the world should love their work. One can be ordinary, but can not be mediocre. Only be a worker, and use one’s sincere heart to taste the life and experience, can we truly being alive. We have only one life. This is a book written by life. There is a kind of ordinary sound flood in the earth and universe.

  The book’s time span lasts from the 1975 to 1985, the turbulent years in Chinese history. The story happened in a small village called Shuangshui village. Almost the whole book is describe the life and people in Shuangshui village. During that ten years, the Cultural Revolution has came to an end, Deng Xiaoping came into power,a new mode of production-- household contract responsibility system with remuneration linked to output has came out. All of these changes lead to the happen of the story. Shungshui village and it’s people is just like a miniature picture of the whole China and it’s people. The book included every aspect of the society that time. Lu Yao wanted to use a kind of realism style of writing to draw the outline of a great social picture scroll. In the scroll, everyone in different stratum is lifelike in both characters and features. This is an important point, because of Lu Yao ‘s consummate novel skill and the deadly serious writing attitude, this novel turned into one of the best teacher aids of that period history.

  The pedagogical meaning I get from this book is a kind of profound understanding to the peasant in our own country. The younger generation in the modern city is very hard to figure out the meaning of this point, because they are far away from the real country life. Peasants’ life, peasants’ thought ,the days peasant’s had and now and the future, all of these are quite unfamiliar to most of us. Then this book can be regarded as a bridge, we can indirectly gain a better understanding of the real country from this book And that’s the function of books. The book perfectly draw a picture of that time, it reflects the pleasure, the anger, the sorrow, and the passions of the peasants. After finished the book, we can say we experienced that period in one sense. We had ever worked in a filed, the sweat poured like rains from our face and we had ever loved someone ,lost someone. All of these cane from the book. The practical significance of the book sets on the current situation and historic continuity of China; sets on the hope of the future and the development of our young generation; sets on the understanding of China and the people.

  On the other hand, I do really like Lu Yao’s starting point---ordinary world. Their world is ordinary, this is just one of the tens of thousands of villages in loess plateau. But Lu Yao have seen the character out of the common in the protagonists. Take Sun shaoping as an example, he had a secondary education and through a self-study came to a undergraduate level. The author put many excellent qualities to this leading role. All the roles in Lu Yao’s novel are ordinary people, but all the marvelous characters in their body made them different.

  Life is an outward journey and there is not much time for us to squander, to grieve or to feel depressed. It will be spineless to give up our hope. Just like the famous sentence “Though the torches is drooping, the fire is burning up”。 Even the most ordinary people should fight for his life.