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  《小王子》读后感 Little Prince

  Recently, I read a fairy story book, Little Prince. This book tells the adventurous experiences of little prince from his planet to the earth. Little prince comes from the outer space and he is hurt by a rose. So he leaves there and travels into space. He comes to the earth and be the friend of a fox. The fox tells his secret to little prince and he helps a pilot in the desert. In the end, he dies under the help of a snake and his soul goes back to his planet. This book is very interesting and teaches me a lot. I like little price adventures. He teaches me to be honest and love others. All of us should never loss the pureness of childhood.



  Last night, I read a moving short story named A Boy Buys God. Bondi’s parents died in his early age and he is raised by his uncle. But one day, his uncle falls down from scaffold and God want to take his life away. Bondi heard that God is an amazing thing that can save the life of his uncle. Therefore, he goes out with one dollar to buy God. But he doesn’t buy one until the 29th shop’s door opened. It’s an elderly man who is willing to help him after Bondi telling his story. Several days later, Bondi’s uncle gets great treatment by the most outstanding doctors in the world and finally he totally recovery. In the end, he knows what saves his life—love. It’s Bondi’s pure love to him that saves his love. On the other side, it’s his love to Bondi that saves himself. Therefore, we can say that love is mutual and rewarded.


  During the summer holiday, I spent much time in reading. I finished one of the four masterpieces ofChina, Journey to the West. It’s really an interesting book, telling many adventurous stories. I had watched the TV series before, but I found that the book is much interesting. Except for the adventurous experiences, we still can learn something from this book. We should be brave and confident to ourselves, no matter how many difficulties we meet. Our fellows and teamwork is important to us. When we are in trouble, they are the person we can rely on. And the trust between people is of great importance. It can combine people to a group and work together.


  《藏地密码》读后感 Impression on “The Tibet Code”

  Recently, I read a Chinese monumental adventure masterpiece about Tibetan culture –“The Tibet Code.” "The Tibet Code" is the only great adventure novel about pursuit of Tibetan Buddhism andTibetmillennium secret history in the world. Reading this book, I have deeply felt something about the anchorage of life many times.


  Still remember that, when the main hero in the novel Mr. Johnson sunk in the depth of the most dangerous and despairing abyss, his lover gave up for lost suddenly and then lost her breathing, lost her all hope and spirit support and tended to death. It’s the first time I have realized the strong power of the anchorage of life. Another example, when a person in the work who has found his lost wife more than seventeen years found that his wife had been killed, he seemed old instantly and lost himself suddenly. In the last seventeen years, all that the person left with was to seek his wife back one day.


  These might be some kind of exaggerated in novel, but we have ever seen or heard the similar experiences in our real life. All these have told us the same: everyone has a basic hope of existence. Once it’s broken, one would lost oneself and the meaning of life.


  This kind of hope can be a man, a word, belief or others. Sometimes, we call this kind of hope as faith. It is well known that faith is a kind of anchorage in one’s life, no matter whether it’s true or not. With the faith being, one has power to do all what one wants, but once lost, one would lose all thoroughly, life included. Therefore, never break one’s hope easily, or sometimes, you may break a man at the same time.